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Is SwiftCleaning a Franchise?

No, SwiftCleaning is a locally owned business run and operated by Danny and Dede.

Danny first registered an ABN in 2006 and later on registered Dannys Swift Windows as a business name & Swift Windows was sold in Mackay to a new owner.

SwiftCleaning was started in 2019 & is now a registered trademark and owned and operated by Danny & Dede in Cairns.

Do you use Chlorine or Bleach to clean mould?

A certain percentage of our mould cleaning products does contain some of the chemical element Chlorine. However the chemistry is far different, for example, oxygen - a relatively simple but powerful element, can be added to other substances to improve them and change the way they work.

Chlorine and bleach are similar, with the right mix of other chemical elements it can be very effective at cleaning mould and is safer then the raw product.

What do you use for cleaning windows?

For general window cleaning we use the best tools on the market, tried and tested over our many years of cleaning windows. We use a mop and squeegee with Morning Fresh and water, along with all the appropriate tools like a ladder, pole and scourer.

We also use pure water fed poles for high and large external areas including solar panels and ledges on multi story buildings or houses, we use a high modulas carbon fibre pole with a brush and scourer. With the pure water we can clean leaving no particles left behind after it dries, so no spots. On some particularly filthy jobs we have a light detergent we can inject into the pure water to assist.

How do I count my windows?

Every building is unique, the most effective way to get an estimate of cost & time of cleaning your windows is knowing what the scope of work is.

We do this by counting the individual glass panels; most windows have 2 panels or more, some have up to 10-20 panels.

We have set pricing so you can trust we won't rip you off, and best of all, if we can do the job faster than anticipated, we will give you a discount.

Can you do a cash job? or How do we pay?

While we accept all forms of payment, including cash, we do not offer a discounted rate to cash payments.

We are a legitmate business and we pay all our taxes. Payment can be done via bank transfer, credit card, cash or cheque and we will always send you an invoice.

How do you clean tracks & screens?

Quite often we are asked to clean the tracks as we clean the windows. Depending on how dirty they are we either use a paint brush, water, a towel, a vacuum cleaner and when they are really bad we may use pliers or screw drivers to pry out the build up.

Cleaning tracks can take a long time if they are full of dog hair or crayons or building debris.

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Our Story

Hi, my name is Daniel, for the last 15 years I have been cleaning properties from the Gold Coast, to South Australia, Mackay QLD and now here in Cairns.

Since 2017, my wife Dede has been my right hand woman helping me with administration, window cleaning, and recently upgrading to pressure cleaning.

We are fun, friendly, and dedicated and committed to you. We’re always ready to give you 110%!

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"Dan is someone I would have no hesitation recommending to anyone.  He is thoroughly professional and proficient.  You can always tell when Dan has been here, my window sparkle.  Dan has a warm smile that says he's happy to be here, and happy to work, most importantly he is on time every time."

Anna Da Silva Santos

"I have used Danny for cleaning the windows of our house several times.  His communication is immediate and he is always punctual for appointments.  His work itself is very professional, efficient and reasonably priced.  He is a comfortable presence around the house.  I will definitely use him in future and gladly recommend him."

Noriko Miyatake

"Just had my windows and pool fence cleaned again by Danny. They are sparkling! He always does an amazing job, and is always reliable! Thanks again Danny."

Therese Morris

"Very professional, quick and did a fantastic job on our windows! He even did our mirrors! Highly recommended! Thank you Danny 😊"

Zara Mulherin

"Danny is great. Very professional, easy to work with, takes direction in his stride. The job ended up being easier than first thought, so he reduced the quote to fit the job. Bloody marvellous. His local, family owned a d honest. What more could you ask for."


"Daniel is a bloody gentleman who does quality work. As someone who appreciates good gear and set-up, I am a fan of his vehicle fit-out. He has this instrument which takes a water sample so he can see what quality of water he is working with, in order to not stain/damage the glass 👏"

Steven Ross

"Thanks Danny for such a prompt and great service! Really appreciated you fitting me in at such short notice! Great Job, Highly recommended!"

Samantha Vella

"Great service and a great price!
Danny was very professional and did a fantastic job.
Our windows and pool fence are crystal clear! Thanks Danny!"


"Daniel is a very experienced and professional window cleaner who offers a range of other services such has pressure cleaning. In my experience he has consistently delivered a high quality service at a reasonable price. Highly recommended!"

Matt Cicciarello

"Prompt quote and easy communication, our windows look amazing! Thanks guys would definitely recommend"

Jono Russo